Four wheeling farm mama

What a great afternoon on the farm. Four eager fellow homeschool kids and there dad packed onto the four wheeler with Peter and made their way to the sugarbush to collect sap, chop up trees, talk about science projects, and watch Mat boil down maple syrup. Mat enjoyed the company in the lonely woods.
A few hours after the kids headed home, it was our turn to go help. The best way to get the trailer, pans, buckets, etc was to bring the four wheeler back to the sugarbush, so I decided the three boys and I would try to save Mat some time and bring it to him. A beginner on the ATV, I wasn’t sure I could drive with one hand and hold a baby in the other. We got up the 1/4 mile wet and sloppy driveway just fine, then I saw the field all covered in snow where Mat drove into a four foot plus snow bank just a week before and had to abandon for a few days until rain came. I told the boys, “I don’t think I can do this. Maybe we should just leave it here for daddy.” Silas and Peter said, “You can do it Mommy!” They had no doubts. What an encouragement! As I look back on that moment and the feeling it gave me to try, though I was certain I would fail, I am so proud of my boys.
Well, we made it without getting stuck. I still can’t believe it considering the muddy holes and ridges of snow. I even got to see the pit Mat sunk into, though it is only three feet high now.
My body is tired, yet I’m so energized at the accomplishment of today. It’s like jumping that next highest hurdle. All the while hearing, “You can do it Mommy.”
May we be encouragers. My little boys, made in the image of God, were able to encourage in one small phrase. What a beautiful feeling they gave me in just a few words.

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