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We would love to hear from you or have you come visit us. If you do plan to visit the farm please call ahead so we can be ready for you! Click here for a Google map location for our farm.

Phone: (218)927-1425


Type in “Righteous Oaks Farm” on google maps and you’ll get here. Type in 35372 295th St and you’ll find yourself in a field somewhere behind our property. If you’re on 295th St, you will find the entrance to our driveway. Feel free to call for more specific directions.

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3 thoughts on “Contact Us

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  2. Hi Matt,
    This is Tom Jones. Had a bit of a turkey disaster several weeks ago. A family of at least three great-horned owls attacked my turkey flock, killingf7 of 12. Of the five remaining, I only have one hen. So I’m looking for girlfriends. I would like three so I could keep two toms and four hens. My turkeys are all black-winged, so that would be preferred. Wondering what you have and if I could get some hens from you. I could buy or trade. I have an awesome black-winged blue golden narragansett, if you wanted him.
    Let me know.


    • Hi Tom,
      Sorry to hear about the turkey losses. We don’t have turkeys this year. Have you checked with Kevin and Debby. I know they usually have some. You may also check with Jim and Audra Chamberlain at Island Lake Farm out on Highway 18. Hope you find some soon and the owls move on.


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