Pastured Pork

Our hogs, like our chickens, are grown out on our pasture. They were originally born and grown at a local farm that follows the same practices we do.IMG_0039

The grain we feed them is free of Genetically Modified Organisms(GMOs). Most feeds that are not Certified Organic are now adulterated with genetically modified corn and soybeans. Genetically modified crops fall into two major categories:

  1. They are modified to be resistant to herbicide. These crops encourage the use of chemical herbicides to knock down all living plants except that crop since it has a resistance to the herbicide.  or
  2. They are modified to be resistant to an insect pest. These crops are touted as beneficial because they reduce the use of chemical insecticides. The problem is that the crop itself has become a insecticide! If you look at the seed bags of these crops they have an EPA pesticide registration just like you would see on the side of a can of Black Flag Wasp Killer.

Since this type of agriculture is on the leading edge of careless exploitation we do not support it and will not feed our animals these kinds of grains.

Whole or Half Hog Specifics and Cost Estimates:  We sell our hogs whole or in halves. Our price includes the cost of delivery to the butcher and delivery to you. Our price is based upon hanging weight which is the weight of the pig after slaughter. We aim for a 200 lbs. hanging weight. Butcher fees are between $100-$150 for a half hog and $200-$250 for a whole depending on what you have done (sausages? ham? slicing? etcetera). Estimated final cost for a half hog is $400-$600 and a whole hog is $800-$1000.

We also have USDA inspected pork in 1-4 pound packages for $6 – $8 per pound. There are still some tasty pork chops, roasts, steaks, ground pork, pork belly or side pork. Small hams are available for $8.00 per pound. Pork fat is available for $2.00 per pound.

We’re excited to say we now have brats and Italian sausage!!

To see this year’s price click on the link to our printable order form below.

Printable Order Form


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