Pure Maple Syrup

The flavor of our pure maple syrup is sweet and rich. The color is a golden amber. The velvety texture makes your tongue explode with happiness. If you are interested in trying some of this delectable sweetener we are offering it in pints and quarts. If you would like to order some of our syrup click on the link to our printable order form below.

We’re also excited to add maple candies and maple sugar to our offerings this year.

As far as we know, 2013 marked the first year that our farm produced pure maple syrup to sell (we don’t know the full history of the 112 years that the farm has been in our family :-)). Each year, we tap sap from the maples that have been growing on this farm for decades in our woodlands in the late winter/early spring. This bounty from the woods will be boiled down over a renewable energy source, firewood from our woods. A sweet treat that is green to boot!

Although mostly sugar, calories from pure maple syrup are not completely devoid of benefits. It is loaded with manganese (1 Tablespoon has 33% of your recommended daily need). There is also a significant amount of zinc, and small amounts of calcium, iron, magnesium, and copper are also present. Artificial sweeteners and highly processed sugars and syrups have none of these beneficial minerals. In other words they are either zero calorie sweet-tasting industrial chemicals or empty calorie sweetener.

One final consideration in your purchase of pure maple syrup. Whether you buy from Righteous Oaks Farm or another maple syrup producer, you are purchasing a forestry product. The only means by which this product can be produced is through the practice of carefully managing a forested area. It requires that the producer learns how to keep the forest healthy so that the trees stay healthy in order that they can produce the much needed sap. This product also requires no tilling (which gives the opportunity for erosion and soil degradation) and no pesticide applications (a healthier environment for all). So purchasing and consuming pure maple syrup is a way for you to support the wise use of our forested areas.

Printable Order Form

Our first batch of Pure Maple Syrup. Our first batch of Pure Maple Syrup.