At last the chickens get some sunshine!

At last the chickens get some sunshine!

Finally we have some open ground for the chickens to get out on. We were hoping to have our chicks out on pasture 1 1/2 weeks ago. Since there is no pasture ready in the foreseeable future we improvised. Last week dad and I set up our electric poultry netting on the south side of the barn which the brooders were in. We then cut holes in the brooder and in the side of the barn and made a caged passageway to the outdoors. This small but growing patch of grass will have to suffice for at least one more week. Before the last two snow storms there were patches of open pasture and the green shoots were poking through. So once the snow is melted off we just need to wait for the pasture to dry and the chickens will be out and about!


Our improvised pasture.

Today as I was gathering sap in the woods and pondering to myself. I was thinking Noah must have felt somewhat like this as he was waiting in the ark for the flood waters to recede 🙂

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