“Light is sweet, and it is pleasant for the eyes to see the sun.”

If there’s a way we can help out, let us know. Maybe it’s a meal, resource sources, help starting seeds for a garden, canning know-how, meal plan ideas, how to handle having kids home 24/7, borrowing a book or two, swapping board games, food delivery, home school ideas, or just an ear to hear what you have to say.
Those of you working from home or not working at all, I’m sorry. Maybe you’re loving it. Maybe you are fretting. There is hope and God provides. We may not have all we used to have, but God provides. We’ve seen it many, many times in our lives. I have no doubt about it. I hope you can trust in him too even when things are unclear to our view.
Our pastor stated, “How many gods of this world did God take down this week? NBA, NFL… March madness… financial institutions, stocks… health… how many people have put hope in their education? AND OUR GOD IS STILL IN CONTROL DESPITE WHATEVER MAY COME!” (source)
Though we do not always see it, we are in a battle. May you war against the gods of this world and trust in the one who has all things in His hands. Though we may not see an end to this, we also know it’s nothing new (ever read Ecclesiastes?). Also, though this world has more than enough trouble, we’re still alive and there is always hope.
“Ecclesiastes 11:7 asserts, “Light is sweet, and it is pleasant for the eyes to see the sun.” In Ecclesiastes, to be “under the sun” is to be identified with the realm of human breath and toil and all the results of the curse. “Under the sun” is the sphere of what is universally true of all humanity, believer and non-believer alike, throughout all time since the fall of mankind (Ecclesiastes 1:39142:1117–203:164:1; etc.).” By Jason DeRouchie From DesiringGod.org.
For all you moms jumping into homeschooling or the feeling of homeschooling for the next few weeks, it takes time. For us, it takes at least a month at the beginning of each school year to feel like we have things running smoothly and even then we have our bad days. Also, this is all my kids know and want to know for school at this point. With their commitment to it as well as mine, it’s not a daunting task. It’s not easy, I’ll never say it is. Three meals a day, instruction, crabby kids, “bored” kids… Here’s a tip: give your bored kids a chore when they say they’re bored, they won’t be bored much after that one. Also, a daily schedule can really help (maybe the article below will be helpful to you). There are so many resources, but it takes time to look for them. Again, let me know if I can help point you in the right direction.
Give yourself and those around you grace. Go on a nature walk, look up science and art videos on youtube, youtube also has great zoo channels, “visit” a museum online, plant some seeds in containers (maybe even homemade containers), read through a book with your teen that would help him build character and trust in God, learn coding at code.org, take an advanced course through Ed X or Khan Academy, learn a language with Muzzy or Duolingo, check out a free concert, write a story or letter, get outside and learn to run or kick a ball around, borrow a book from us or others, play a board game, build a fort, have a mock election, be silly and have a dance party or impromptu play, teach them to cook or sew, build something, fix something, do something you never have time for, seize the day and don’t get lazy (okay, it’s okay to be lazy sometimes).
Let’s keep the conversation going. Tell us how you plan to spend the next two weeks. Any tips? Are you doing okay? Are you overwhelmed? Are you excited? Can you see past the events happening around you? We hope to hear from you.
On the farm, maple syrup season has started and we continue on with our pigs, cattle, dogs and chickens:

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