Weekly Specials

If you haven’t been getting our weekly emails lately from our mailing list, I wanted to let you know we’ve been sending out a new deal each week. This Saturday will be our final deal week before our delivery to the Twin Cities on Sunday, March 24th. Let us know if you want more info. Click “Contact Information” for your preferred way to contact us.

Starting Saturday we’ll put up new deals. Here’s a quick peak at this week’s specials: Weekly deals email newsletter!

Deal 1:

Italian Sausage (great for spaghetti or pizza toppings) – you’ll receive 12 packages for $60.  (exp. 1/24) – 2 available

Deal 2:

Breakfast special – 3 pounds bacon, 2 pounds cottage bacon, 4 packs of Italian sausage, and 5 pounds ground pork for $95. A $105.50 value – 1 available

For those wanting to get in on the delivery, we have lots of other meat in stock as well. Check out our order form for current availability: ORDER FORM.

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