Highland Beef

Grass fed and finished, our Scottish Highland Beef makes a lean and tasty addition to nourishing your loved ones. We raise our cattle on pasture that has not been sprayed since 2012 or earlier. We have slowly built up the health of our pasture with rotational grazing and bale grazing during the cold and snowy winter months. We’ve also seeded in a variety of species to ensure the cattle are getting the nutrition they need. The pasture’s health has improved greatly and will continue to build up our cattle’s health along with it. We also offer minerals to ensure the cattle receive optimal nutrition.


We have beef steer available between June and September (depending on weather). Ask us about current availability. We do $3.50 per pound hanging weight and send our beef to local butchers where you can customize your order. We also deliver to Minnesota customers in and along the roads to the metro area, Brainerd, Duluth, Fergus Falls, and areas close to Aitkin where we reside. Our steer have run between 300 to 350 pounds. The cost is estimated at $325-$375 per quarter depending on what you choose to have done through the butcher.

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