Time to order

Just a quick note to let you know it is TIME TO ORDER for fall 2019:

Get your orders in before we’re all sold out for the season. We’d love to raise the nutrient dense food you want to serve to your family!

Here a link to our ordering information so you can contact us in the way that’s most convenient for you:  Order soon!

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4 thoughts on “Time to order

  1. HI Katie,

    We are considering purchasing a 1/4 beef. Do you charge for hanging weight and butcher fees? How many lbs. do you typically get with 1/4 beef? Do you have a rough idea of the all in cost for 1/4 beef? Are yours 100% grassfed or finished with corn? If finished, is it GMO corn? Do you deliver to the south metro or does it need to be picked up? Thank you!




    • Hello Carrie,

      Thanks for the inquiry. Here is the direct link to our beef page: https://righteousoaksfarm.com/about/highland-beef/. We sell our beef at $3.50 per pound based on hanging weight plus butcher costs. Hanging weight for a quarter is 80-100 lbs and finished product about 60-75 lbs. We just had a smaller steer into the butcher and the total butcher/slaughter fees for a quarter turned out to be about $65.00. Butcher costs will be a little higher if you have him make beef sticks or polish sausages. Typical total costs will be $350 – $425 is a good estimate. Our cattle are fully grass fed, not finished on corn. And yes, we deliver to the south metro.

      Mat and Katie


  2. I sent an email with a few questions but hadn’t heard back so I thought you may not have received it. If you didn’t please let me know and I’ll get my list of questions to you again. Thanks!



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