The bees are coming

To tell you the truth, it doesn’t seem real that we have bees coming this Saturday. We just got done with maple syrup season. The chickens are happy in their respective pastures and so fun to watch as they waddle run toward us. Now for the bees. It feels like another new adventure. Silas has been helping paint the homemade hive today. Mathew is a hero for making it himself. Over the winter we had a lot of help from some great friends cutting boards and such. Mat will be collecting the creatures and some equipment in Hackensack. Then he and his dad will place them in their new home. Mat set up the site pne evening by leveling off some ground, clearing extra debris, and setting up a solar powered electric fence. Even though the sting sends us running, the bears are a bit more determined to get their paws on the contents of the hive. We have the pollen patties made and ready. The flowers on the maples just blossomed and more buds pop every day. It seems a weighty thing to take on this new challenge, but Mat has been given such talent in learning, problem solving, initiating working ideas, etc, that I am not anxious. He recently told me how to get the queen out of it’s carrying case. I had never even thought of that. It is a whole new world of information. Here we go on another adventure.
Enjoy some pictures of the hive in process…

2 thoughts on “The bees are coming

  1. Hi Katie and Matt.. your website caught my eye as we are themeing our 2013 “Bible Bee” on ‘Bees’ this summer. I have thoughts of offering an apiary experience for the children, and would love to parallel bee life with Biblical apps. Any thoughts? (if you don’t know about Bible bee, check this site


    • Hi Sue,
      Your idea sounds great. There are people who have small hives with clear walls which they will bring to locations for demonstrations. We currently don’t have one since we are brand new beekeepers and they require a bit more experience to keep alive. If you are located close to the Minneapolis/St. Paul area I do know of one organization that likes to do bee education with demonstration hives. However, they do not have a Christian component to their program.


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