Firefighter Pete

Peter recently had an experience few kids have and fewer adults want to have. He was a real fire fighter. We started a fire in an old pasture not thinking of the six plus years of grass that had not been eaten down. It has been fairly wet and still is in most areas around the farm. The fire quickly spread to some dry grass which found more dry grass and so on. Mat had a bucket of water on hand but needed more. He also needed to keep putting out the flames before they got to the barn or spread to neighboring pastures. Peter was quick in bringing Silas inside, then in running to the barn to get a little bucket full of water. He went back and forth from barn to Daddy, stamping out a few flames in between. We are proud of how God is shaping him into an obedient and quick minded son. Without him, the fire could have been really big and damaging to us and neighboring farms.

We learn from our mistakes, but please pray for us that our future mistakes are not life threatening or pray that we can learn from others so we don’t have to make big mistakes.

The fire was started well behind the barn and spread up this far.

The fire was started well behind the barn and spread up this far.

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