Our little rock

Another fine day in the lake ... just before the attack.

Another fine day in the lake at the cabin.

Our Peter was born seven years ago today. We’ve seen him grow in wisdom and stature especially over this last year. There is a lot to love about this boy and a lot to learn from him. “Do not let anyone look down on you because you are young but set an example for the believers.” 1 Timothy 4:12. He has definitely challenged us with his energy and strong will. He has blessed us with who God has made him to be.

The ways of Peter that we love:

  • He is an excellent big brother. 2.5 years ago Silas trained him and with lots of encouragement in gentleness he has become a much better leader. The change has been seen with Josiah. He is still an intense boy, but so loving and playful with his brothers.
  • He inspires all sorts of people to follow him.
  • He is understanding. When we heard seemingly undecipherable toddler mumbles from Silas, Peter would understand and interpret.
  • He sees things we don’t. When Josiah is grumpy, he often knows why when we don’t.
  • He is great at making others smile.
  • He is innovative. Whether cutting paper, using Duplos or Legos, or just some sticks and mud, he is always creating.
  • He keeps pushing through obstacles. Though he doesn’t always like the work he is doing (like learning to read or fill the dishwasher) he does it.
  • He learns from his mistakes. Sometimes slowly.
  • He is strong. Physically, yes. Mentally, yes. Strong willed, yes. He knows what he wants.
  • He is witty. I love his silly jokes and his love for April fools day.
  • He loves to work. Especially on jobs that requires strength and exertion.
  • He is curious. That leads to great questions, experiments, concoctions, and little boy messes that bring such joy when we are not looking to our own comfort and convenience.
  • He is adventurous and often lets Silas in on fighting dragons and bad guys of all sorts. Josiah, at 6 months, has even been able to join some Imaginext adventures.
  • He rises early and has learned to do so quietly.
  • He loves board games. His favorites include Eureka, Agricola, and Ticket to Ride.
  • He loves his brothers in more ways than one. Silas still has a little potty. The other day we found Peter and Silas just sitting on their respective toilets talking.

May the Lord take all of these passions and character traits and use them for His glory!

The moment of the attack!

The moment of the attack!

It's a deadly sea turtle!

It’s a deadly sea turtle!

No worries, Peter's got it under control!

No worries, Peter’s got it under control!

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