Doubling our size

Aman, Ephraim, Silas, Yosef and Peter

Aman, Ephraim, Silas, Yosef and Peter

Yesterday marked another first. Three young men arrived with Mat’s dad to spend the week with us. So far they’ve learned to shoot a bow and arrow, begun construction on a chicken brooder, eaten lots of food, played board games, and collected sap from the maple trees. Tonight we will bring them to a country church youth group.

I am blessed to have in-laws so caring as mine. They sent food along, which has made this new task seem not so daunting. I am encouraged by my husband who has not left me alone with all the house work and a sickly little baby, but has asked the boys to help with cleanup and even stepped in himself. I am challenged by my little ones who continually need discipline, yet energized when my oldest does an extra job without being asked and my middle wants to help me make monster cookies.

I have a major headache after a night with little sleep, please pray for me as I am challenged to feed 8 rather than 4. Please also remember my mom this week as she starts radiation for some cancer spots that aren’t going away. Please pray for safety and rest and a blessed time for the young men who visit us this week.

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