Vitamin D In Pastured Pork

** Joys in Life —————- As I write this, the smell of bacon cooking is filling the house. Mat has been experimenting with smoking the side pork from the half hogs we get each Spring and Fall. The smell of bacon is hard to beat, but I can think of so many other favorites and many of them around here now incorporate healthy fats like lard. Here are a few of my favorites: pie (with a lard crust), pork chops, cookies, biscuits, bread, and sausage. Another favorite of mine is learning about nutrition and taking steps to increase the quality for our family. I love being able to give my boys food I know that will increase their health and give them a boost when other factors, such as sickness or Halloween candy, comes our way. My most recent find is vitamin D in pastured pork! Pork fat and lard are one of the top ways to increase essential vitamin D intake during the long Minnesota winter. Keep reading…

** Why Pastured Pork? —————- Did you know that pastured hog lard is a good source of vitamin D? You won’t get it in the conventional stuff though. Not all pork is created equal. Pastured, sun soaked pork is among the top twenty foods rich in naturally occurring vitamin D. Lard is also a source of good cholesterol and good fats you need to nourish your body. Plus the fat is heat stable. When you cook or bake with it, it’s not only tasty (sorry it doesn’t taste like bacon – it’s more of a neutral nourishing texture thing) but it’s not going to create excess free radicals when heated reducing the risk of cell damage in your body. There are many sources to be found on the benefits of pastured pork.

Scientific journals are a bit hard to read sometimes, so here some more down-to-earth reading on pastured pork:

  3. For more specifics on our own pork, here’s our webpage link: *

Benefits of pastured pork from Righteous Oaks Farm:

  • Pastured hogs are happy hogs raised in fresh air and sunshine
  • Our pastures are bumpier, but have shown better production because of them.
  • No yucky run-off into our water.
  • The right quality of fats and good cholesterol.
  • No antibiotics or added growth hormones.
  • Omega-3 ratio is better in pastured animals.
  • More nutrient dense.
  • Tasty!

** Convinced now that pastured pork is the way to go? Give us a call today to talk it over. We’d love to provide some nourishing food for you and your family.


Now’s the time to start planning what seasonal goods you’ll need for the year. In MN that’s almost everything, including chicken.


In this picture we have some zucchini brownies and some spaghetti ready to be quickly made. We have grown to love okra in our tomato sauce. I freeze it whole (super easy) and then blend it into cold sauce when making a recipe. It adds a touch of flavor and makes a thicker, less watery sauce. Our okra has started to produce already and we hope to have plenty to bring to market this year.

You’ll also see our Italian sausage links. Having meat in the freezer and available has put my mind at ease and helped me to avoid shopping, a task I do not enjoy. I always have something available for a quick meal. That’s especially helpful in the busy or overwhelming seasons of the year which for us coincides with planting, weeding and preparing for markets throughout the summer.

We hope you will be able to stop by one of our markets to say hi. We plan to be at the Aitkin Historical Society’s Depot Museum (right next to the Holiday gas station) on Fridays throughout the summer. This Friday we will be there from 9:30 am – 12:30 pm.  Hope to see you there.

Here’s one last reminder. This week is the week to order chicken and turkey for the year! Also, if you’re wanting pork, we have it available by the pound now or halves and whole in the fall. Give us a call this week and we’ll get you all set up for convenient meals all year long.

You can also still order beef and pork to be processed closer to November and December. Send us an email at We’d love to hear from you.

Printable order form: Click here!

Winter. Ordering.

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I don’t know about you, but we slow down a bit at the farm during winter. It also seems a bit lonely here in the rural north, except on those rare bright warm days when we have extended time in the sun.

Winter is also a time that we reflect on the previous seasons and plan for those to come. We’re gearing up for another year on the farm and need help from you. Would you look through and see what you’d like us to produce for you at the farm this year? Is there anything you’re in need of right now? We sure enjoy our work and are happy to produce food to fuel you, your family and your friends!

Time to order! The following will be available on a first come basis:

  • Grassfed Beef
  • Pastured Chicken
  • Pastured Pork
  • Grassfed Goat
  • Pastured Turkey

Send us an email or print and mail our order form with what you’d like to order. To see pricing, click the link below to download our order form:

Printable Order Form
Did You Know?
We have whole chickens and pork by the pound available at all times both in Aitkin and in Fridley, MN right off 694 and University.
No need for a large freezer. It’s always available. Give us a call and we’ll hook you up with some nutritious pastured and non-GMO meat!
We look forward to serving your needs in the 2018 growing season! Please feel free to share this email with those to whom you wish health and long life.*

*We do not claim to extend the life of our customers, only to make your taste buds happier with quality food to fuel you and those you love.


Five Years and What’s to Come

If you didn’t get our latest email, here’s the link: Click Here!

Can you believe it? It’s been five years.

Yes, five years ago we came to the family homestead to start Righteous Oaks Farm. Looking back on pictures helps us remember God’s faithfulness throughout the many successes and failures we have faced. Below are a few memorable aspects of our time on the farm. From our first chicks to our goofy pig stories, our bloated steer that made it to our frostbite cow that didn’t; farming is filled with extremes of all sorts.

   Thank you to those of you who have spread the word about our farm and for those of you who have purchased some of our meat and other products. We couldn’t have gotten this far without you.

As we started Righteous Oaks Farm we had the desire to bring young men and women that had been discipled in Christ, but were still in a hard spot, up to the farm to continue to be discipled and learn the value of work and where our food comes from. Others came alongside us and pushed us this way. And now we’re here working out what it means to glorify God in farming day to day. We started with savings and the conviction to stay debt free. Mat’s family already had the land and some equipment that was necessary. Our objective was to become profitable within five years in order that we could then focus on our other goals of internships.
It’s been five years, so where do we go from here? Unfortunately, we have been unable to raise the farm to a point of supporting both our family and the farm. Mathew has found a job off the farm that fits him well. Though Mathew will not be around as much, most of the farm work can effectively be maintained by Katie and the boys (especially Peter who is now taller and on the way to being stronger than Katie). We will continue to host visitors and young men and women as our schedules see fit.

Here’s a link to a more detailed version of our story: Click Here!

   As for the farm, we plan to maintain our current undertakings such as pork, chicken, beef, turkey, goats, maple syrup, and high tunnel production. If you order it, we’ll produce it. Just let us know. Call(218.927.1425) or email, we’d love to hear from you.

Meat delivery to the Minneapolis area this month is January 23rd. Please let us know by Monday the 22nd if you’d like us to bring anything to your door.

We hope you enjoyed our collage of memories. If you can’t tell which boy has eaten the most dirt or have any other questions about the pictures, let us know.

DIY Stocking Stuffer

I don’t know about you, but I grew up opening a stocking of little goodies on Christmas day. It’s still one of my favorite traditions. I especially enjoy thinking of and finding things throughout the year that my family will enjoy. Don’t tell, but I will be including some of my favorite handmade lotion in the stockings that I’ve made for extended family. I know they love this stuff and it’s the perfect winter gift.


I know most people don’t have tallow lying around, but if you’ve saved some from deer or beef cattle, I’ve got the recipe for you:

Do-It-Yourself Tallow Lotion      Time=1 hour       Difficulty=medium

1 cup tallow, beef, deer, sheep or goat (with the addition of lavender oil I did not notice the scent of the deer tallow)

2 Tablespoons olive oil or sweet almond oil

1/2 tsp essential oil (be sure you test a drop on your skin first so that you don’t have a batch of lotion that will irritate your skin – e.g. cinnamon oil often irritates skin)

Place tallow in double boiler or other pan and warm it on low heat until it is just melted. Once melted, remove from heat and add olive or almond oil. Let it cool to room temperature then add the essential oil(s).

Once the tallow, olive or almond oil, and essential oil(s) are combined, pour the mixture into a container if you are not going to whip it. Otherwise, place your pan into the fridge until it is just hardened. It takes about 30 minutes. Then remove it from the fridge and whip it with a hand mixer until it is the consistency you desire (Usually 3 minutes for me). Scrape it into your final container and enjoy!


If you don’t have tallow, you can buy it online or sometimes find it at a local meat processor. We also have some beef tallow for $3 per pound. And if you’re not up to making it yourself, our tallow lotion is $2 for a 4 ounce jar. Email or give us a call.

Also, one last reminder for orders before Christmas. We can make gift certificates or provide pork and chicken by the pound or in large quantities. Let me know by Saturday if you’d like me to make you up some lotion. Let us know before December 23, 2017 and we can even deliver to the Aitkin or Crosby areas and anywhere between here and the Twin Cities.

Don’t forget our $15 off promotions run until the end of December 2017. Read more by clicking here: $15 off!

We hope you are enjoying this advent season!

$15 off from Righteous Oaks Farm

Who doesn’t like a good deal? And giveaways don’t get tastier than this! Now through December 11th, we have a giveaway on our Facebook and Instagram pages (just click the links to see), plus we’d like to share another deal with you for sharing our product with others, keep reading —>

New customers! We’d like to give you $15 worth of pork or chicken with your purchase of $125 or more.

Existing customers! We’d like to give you $15 off your next order of pork or chicken of $125 or more for finding us a new customer.

Please share this deal with those that might enjoy some high quality, nutrient dense pastured pork and chicken. As always, we are use non-GMO and soy free feed with our animals. Take care and many blessings to you this Christmas season.

Deal good through the end of December, 2017.

Contest open to anyone willing to meet us in our drop off locations: Twin Cities area, Brainerd, Aitkin, Duluth, and Fergus Falls. We often deliver along highways 210, 169, 47 and 65 as well. If you don’t meet that requirement, prize may be gifted to someone who does.

Contest closes Monday, December 11, 2017 at 11:59 pm. $15 off must be ordered by January 1, 2018.

For the contest, we will compile the names and email addresses of all commenters who enter into a spreadsheet. We assign each commenter a number, and check to remove any duplicate entries – such as when someone adds a note to their own comment, replies to someone else’s comment, or inadvertently enters twice. Then we ask to choose a number from the amount of entrants and whatever number is picked, that’s our winner.

Fall Wrap Up

This is a repost of our most recent newsletter for those of you not on the list:

We hope you have a happy Thanksgiving!

If you’re anything like our family, you’ll have your fill of turkey and pie on Thursday and then have leftover turkey themed meals the rest of the week. Once you have your fill of turkey, give us a call, we have some tasty pork and chicken for your table the rest of the year!

As always, we offer pastured animals raised on non-GMO and soy free feed. We strive to have careful dominion over God’s creation rather than exploit the animals, land, and community entrusted to us. This may not produce the cheapest product, but produces healthy meat that sustains the community in which we live and the land and health of those we do business with.

Pastured Pork

Over and over I’ve heard customers say our pork chops are the best they’ve ever had and I have to agree. One family who got a half hog last year upgraded to a whole this year and asks for a two-inch thick chop so they can have stuffed pork chops most every week. I personally love to grill them, but, of course, our other cuts are super good as well ;).

This month we have three and a quarter more hogs available, so order your half or whole today. You may even wish to split one with a friend. You can customize your cuts with the butcher so you get just what you want (Sorry, the butcher can’t make bacon out of the whole animal!). The price is $3 per pound based on hanging weight plus butcher fees. A whole hog is around 200 pounds and a typical butchering fee would be $180 for a whole hog.

Pastured Chicken

We’d love for you to try our broiler chickens. The taste and texture are hard to beat. As you can see from the picture of slow cooker bone broth, these chickens are packed with dense nutrition.
Our frozen broilers are between 3 to 5 pounds and are $4.00 per poundlocally, with an option for delivery to the twin cities at $4.25 per pound.

Pork By The Pound

Also available are 1-5 lb. packages of pork. Available cuts include:
  • Ground pork, chops, steak, roast, and ribs at $6.50 per pound
  • Ham hocks at $5 per pound
  • Ham at $7 per pound
  • and Pork fat at $2 per pound

Thank you for being an important part of our lives and for supporting our family and sustainable agriculture. May you have a blessed Christmas season.