Fall Wrap Up

This is a repost of our most recent newsletter for those of you not on the list:

We hope you have a happy Thanksgiving!

If you’re anything like our family, you’ll have your fill of turkey and pie on Thursday and then have leftover turkey themed meals the rest of the week. Once you have your fill of turkey, give us a call, we have some tasty pork and chicken for your table the rest of the year!

As always, we offer pastured animals raised on non-GMO and soy free feed. We strive to have careful dominion over God’s creation rather than exploit the animals, land, and community entrusted to us. This may not produce the cheapest product, but produces healthy meat that sustains the community in which we live and the land and health of those we do business with.

Pastured Pork

Over and over I’ve heard customers say our pork chops are the best they’ve ever had and I have to agree. One family who got a half hog last year upgraded to a whole this year and asks for a two-inch thick chop so they can have stuffed pork chops most every week. I personally love to grill them, but, of course, our other cuts are super good as well ;).

This month we have three and a quarter more hogs available, so order your half or whole today. You may even wish to split one with a friend. You can customize your cuts with the butcher so you get just what you want (Sorry, the butcher can’t make bacon out of the whole animal!). The price is $3 per pound based on hanging weight plus butcher fees. A whole hog is around 200 pounds and a typical butchering fee would be $180 for a whole hog.

Pastured Chicken

We’d love for you to try our broiler chickens. The taste and texture are hard to beat. As you can see from the picture of slow cooker bone broth, these chickens are packed with dense nutrition.
Our frozen broilers are between 3 to 5 pounds and are $4.00 per poundlocally, with an option for delivery to the twin cities at $4.25 per pound.

Pork By The Pound

Also available are 1-5 lb. packages of pork. Available cuts include:
  • Ground pork, chops, steak, roast, and ribs at $6.50 per pound
  • Ham hocks at $5 per pound
  • Ham at $7 per pound
  • and Pork fat at $2 per pound

Thank you for being an important part of our lives and for supporting our family and sustainable agriculture. May you have a blessed Christmas season.

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