Boiling down

Another day on the farm. Main event: Boil down gallons and gallons of maple tree sap into quarts and pints of maple syrup. Hopefully by days end we will be having syrup on our ice cream. Tomorrow morning, buckwheat pancakes! Here’s a picture of Mat’s boiler this year:

Sap collector on the right. Wood boiler center. Sap on top.

Sap collector on the right. Wood boiler center. Sap on top.

All morning the boys and I were spring cleaning out in the yard in preparation for some company from Minneapolis. These boys have learned more this morning by observing chickens and changes of the season, finding new bugs and creatures in the water, and a multitude of other things than they have in a whole week doing schoolwork inside. What a wonderful time we have had enjoying God’s beautiful creation. Here’s a picture of my boys and the outdoor snack that was their own planning and preparing:


Trash and treasure walks have become our tradition once the snow starts to melt. While in the city we found electronic gadgets, keys, money, and Silly Putty. This year we are finding different types of animal remains, interesting rocks, nuts, bolts, long buried shovels and toys. Join us as we walk the roads this spring. This area is known for agate hunting. Just make sure you bring three pairs of pants for each day and some good rain boots, as that has been the normal usage around here this week.

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