Order of farm life coming up

It’s time to get caught up on what has happened on the farm these last few weeks. The weather has been beautiful so we have been working outside most days.
Mat worked the ground for a huge garden spot. It took the most part of three days. It is a wet soil, but with some work we hope to have a good plot eventually.
The boys planted a variety of apple trees and a few elderberry bushes around the yard. Silas enjoyed a wheel barrow ride and Peter enjoyed working on his fort once the trees were in.
Last week, the young ones and I took a trip to the post office to pick up our last batch of chicks. Mat was busy cleaning out the brooder and fertilizing our garden with the bedding from the previous chicks. When we got home, Peter, Silas and I worked together moving the third batch of chicks we had to their nice and clean bigger brooder. I am continually amazed at how these little boys take on new challenges. Peter helped catch the little chicks gently and Silas gently put them into their new home.

One night, Peter led his friends in feeding all the chickens. They did a good job then enjoyed an adventure after a round of s’mores. We had some friends up from the Cities for a couple days. One night they shared about how God might use them in South East Asia to tell the good news to people that have no access to the gospel. That night some other friends came over to hear them. I was encouraged by a young girl that stayed and soaked in what was said with eagerness.
On our recent work weekend we cleared out part of a large shed and found a few treasures. Mat and his dad also built a few “chicken tractors”. We will now be moving two of our batches around on green pasture and fresh bugs each day. Since we have an empty brooder, we ordered some guinea keets. These birds will be like pets that will eventually feed themselves on the multitude of ticks and other pests around the yard.
Mat has been crafting some more space for the bees to expand their thriving hives. He also took his new chicken processing equipment for a spin and placed twelve birds in the freezer last night.
Next week we host nine eighth graders from an agriculture charter school in the cities. Thankfully Mat’s mom will be the chaperone. We are likely to have some adventures with them.
We hope you will come visit. Until next time, enjoy some pictures of our farm happenings…

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4 thoughts on “Order of farm life coming up

    • Good question. I’ve planned and replanned our gardens several times. I should have included a picture of our already planted garlic, strawberry, rhubarb and raspberry patch (so exciting). The garden pictured has a few peas poking out and hopefully some beans soon. We just received thirty tomato plants from a friend and one pepper. I would also love to plant a plethora of pumpkins, squash, corn, watermelon, pickling cucumbers, eggplant, carrots, onion and potato. High hopes, but we’ll give it our best try. Are you planting anything this year?


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