May Day Fun

In trying to be neighborly to those near our new home, we decided to try something new… May Day baskets. My boys and I were excited to get little gifts together, make (and eat) yummy treats, and go to homes and deliver the baskets. Peter was especially excited this morning that he was able to run away from others in order not to be caught.
I watched as the boys ran to the door or ducked under windows, rang the bell or knocked hard on doors, then Peter would run and Silas would scamper away.
Our baskets had the following: Oatmeal Raisin Cookies, Peanut Butter balls, Zucchini bread, a card and pictures drawn by the boys, bubbles, a magnet, a Hawaiian tradition, and a marigold. We enjoyed putting these together. Yesterday it was a little too nice outside to be inside baking. Today could use some warming up. We will definitely be drinking warm cocoa with the extra cookies today.
Later in the day we received a May Day basket on our doorstep. Peter chased our visitors all around the yard and did some show and tell of his frog egg discovery and the new home for our older chicks. We have definitely found a new love for May Day and those that let us break into their morning.

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