Country Life

Spring is coming

As I sit here listening to Lecrae, I wonder how country life will change me, my children, my relationships, my church, etc. We’ve officially been in this rural community for seventeen days. What a change from the center of Minneapolis. Certainly it has changed my family life already. We don’t have to rush off somewhere nearly as often. The nearest town is fifteen minutes away, twenty if we hit a deer. We sit down at the table for breakfast and don’t get up until devotions are done. That has been a blessed change in our lives. I’ve read posts, heard sermons, even have given my own testimony to the importance of devotions, yet often forget and let them get pushed out of our busy lives. I am reminded again to the importance of this task. I am easily angry and irritable, I grew up with this problem and it continues in my heart to this day. What a difference I see when we get into the word. I find myself enjoying more, praising more, being patient and thankful more. Don’t wait until you get out of the chaos of life to make devotions central to your life. Here’s what we’ve been going through this Easter week: Let Your Kingdom Come – Preparing your hearts for the King A post from Pastor Sam at Bethlehem.

Easter Week

Here is one great reason to love homeschooling…
This week we were able to stop for a few days and talk about Jesus. We focused on Easter and what it really is. Silas, at two, even got in on the action. We did a magnet page that states, “He is Risen!” What understanding little ones have. A few times a day I hear, “Jesus died on the cross for our sins” in his little voice. With Peter, who will be seven next week, we went a bit more in depth. We read Luke 19 and talked about what he discussed at Sunday School. He had a great question and so we went on to Psalm 22. To have such depth of scripture in a school day is a blessing. To have a boy that comprehends these truths and has a thirst for them is beyond a blessing. What a great reminder to me of the task before me. My little ones are a beautiful ministry to enjoy and pour my heart into. I love my job.

Check out our Easter garden made with wheat berries.
Hopefully it will sprout by Easter Sunday!

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I love Family Life’s resurrection eggs, but if you want to be frugal, here’s a link to make something similar: Homemade Resurrection Eggs.