2017 Newsletter



Winter blasted us this year with it’s uneven Minnesnowta temperature, but Spring is coming fast!

Signs of Spring are everywhere around here. The sap from our maple trees is flowing strong, we have six puppies from our livestock guardian dogs running around, and there are twelve three week old piglets running like mad as we enter the barn. We have been busy making plans for the upcoming year and look forward to herding pigs and goats, playing with puppies, moving chicken tractors each day, rotating our cattle around the pasture, boiling down maple sap and watching seeds grow to fruition.

We have two major goals with this letter.

  1. Let you know we are still here. Some of you haven’t heard from us for a while and we wanted to let you know things are still going well on the farm.

  2. Let you know what we have for sale. Many of you have been asking what we are offering this year so below you’ll find out what, when and how to order!

Keeping Up to Date

Katie has been doing a great job at keeping our Facebook page and Instagram updated with pictures and videos of what’s going on at the farm. “Like” our page to follow all the day-to-day action:

She has also been adding blog posts to our website ( https://righteousoaksfarm.com/blog/) occasionally. I encourage you to sign up for our email list and check out our website to keep up to date with what is going on at the farm.

Farmer’s Market and Good Neighbor’s Marketplace

We hope to again sell quite regularly at the Aitkin Farmer’s Market this year on Saturdays from 9 am-1 pm starting Memorial Day weekend. So if you’re in the area stop on by and say hi. If we happen to be gone that week there’s a bunch of great local farmers there for you to meet.

We’re also working on launching Good Neighbors Marketplace, an online farmer’s market/co-op, with a great group of farmers and neighbors. Good Neighbors Marketplace is a consumer/producer owned cooperative that will have a weekly drop site in Aitkin where customers and farmers meet up. We are currently doing a membership drive, so if you’re local to Aitkin we’d love to have you become a member with us. Check out www.goodneighborsmarketplace.com to hear more news of that.

2017 Offerings!




Pastured Chicken

We will be raising our GMO-free, soy-free pastured chickens to order again this year. In years past we have grown a bunch and kept a supply in the freezer and sold them throughout the year, not this year. As freezer space has come into higher demand we won’t be able to produce more than what is ordered. We will have some space for those of you who might not have room in the freezer to take all of your birds at once. We are selling our birds at $4.00/lb. from the farm or $4.25/lb. delivered to the Minneapolis area. Please order your chickens by June 30 to ensure you can enjoy this nutritious meat. We are asking $4.00/bird as deposit. Order soon so you don’t forget!

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Appropriate picture huh? If we get at least 10 orders for turkeys we would like to begin raising them this year. If you’d like us to raise them, let us know soon so that we can plan it into our summer! We have the ability, we just need to know there is the demand for it. We will be aiming for 15-20 lb. birds and will be charging $4.00/lb.We are asking for a $15.00 deposit to reserve your bird.


Our oldest loves raising laying hens and takes good care of them each day and evening. He is now selling eggs for $3.50 per dozen.

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Maple Syrup

Last year we had a bountiful Maple Syrup season that seemed to go on and on and on! So we ended up with the largest batch of syrup yet at 50 gallons. What a blessing. We start all the hard work again this week as we haul sap, filter sap, boil down sap, wallow in clothes that smell of maple syrup, can our syrup, and then enjoy the sweet delight of all our labor. Our maple syrup prices are the same as last year at $16.00/qt.

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Pastured Pork

We are also taking orders for half and whole butcher hogs which will be ready in April and November. Our price for the butcher hogs is $3.00/lb. hanging weight. An average whole hog’s hanging weight is 185 lbs. We ask for a $50.00 deposit per order. We have two hogs left for April and 12 for November.

All of our hogs are raised out on pasture and we feed them GMO-free and soy-free feed. We currently have pork available in different cuts at $6.50/lb. There is Pork Chops, Steaks, Spare Ribs, Ground Pork, Side Pork, and Pork Roasts. If you are interested in some stop on by the farm or if you are in the Twin Cities, order some and we can get it to a pick up site in Minneapolis.


Grass-Fed Goat

Our goats are a mix of the Boer and Myotonic (fainting) breeds. It is always exciting to see the first baby of the year (they’ll be coming soon!), especially for our male livestock guardian dog Furry. He makes an excellent goat midwife in the Spring.

Starting January 2017 we are pleased to offer USDA inspected goat meat by the pound. Currently we are offering Grass-Fed Goat Shoulder Roasts, Leg Roasts, Chops, and Shanks. Buying directly from us, the price is $10 per pound. It is a wonderfully rich and nutrient dense red meat.

We will also have about ten goats available for butchering this fall. These guys are 100% grass-fed and very tasty. We are offering them at $150.00/animal. They will range in weight from 25-35 lbs. You will be able to pick the size of animal you want. We ask for a $50.00 deposit per animal.


Grass-Fed Beef

Our beef cattle are Scottish Highlanders which produce an amazingly tender well marbled meat from a grass-fed diet. We use the intensively managed rotational grazing method for pasturing our cattle. We charge $3.50/lb. hanging weight for the beef. We are shooting for 500 lbs. hanging weights.

Since we are slowly growing our herd debt-free, we still have a limited supply. So get your deposit in soon if you have your heart set on some grass-fed beef. We ask for a $150.00 deposit per order.

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Thanks for considering buying from us! Give us a call if you’ll be in our area. We’d love to give you a tour of the farm or involve you in a work project of some sort if you’re interested. We love getting to know our customers!