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Katie here. Let’s talk gut health. Here’s a synopsis from what I and my boys have seen after two weeks on Plexus:

After giving birth to my second son, I became aware of some major inflammation issues I was having. I started reading every book and article, even some goofy fad stuff, I could find on nutrition because I started to see what I ate really affected my health. I’m not really into fads or fad diets, so I took my time and slowly made changes in my diet and lifestyle in order to work on that inflammation and the stress I was constantly feeling in my body. As I did this, I started taking probiotics and specific supplements related to my needs. This helped.

Fast forward to our third son’s birth. The day we brought him home he got a fever of 104 and he stopped wanting to eat. He ended up in the NICU and was started on multiple antibiotics and fluids. All the bad bacteria was destroyed and he started getting better not long after, but all the good bacteria in his belly was destroyed as well. This led to three years of constantly watching his diet in order to heal his gut. With moving to the farm we’ve been able to raise nutritionally dense food to heal his little body, but he also needed a low inflamatory diet, probiotics, and a lot of love to get him through those major belly aches and bloating. He can eat most anything now as long as he continues the probiotics.

Most recently my seven year old was shown to have nine cavities. Also, through bad dental care, I now have a tooth that will likely need a root canal one day. I’m hoping that doesn’t have to happen through controlling inflammation and pH with diet and good gut health. This is what has pushed me to get a better quality probiotic and supplement for our family. There are multiple factors in dental health and a healthy absorption of vitamins and minerals, through a healthy gut, is one of them.

Agriculture, even organic, in our nation uses so many pesticides and herbicides to kill bugs and fungus that’s it’s killing the good bugs in our bellies too. We raise most of our food without these and all our meats are non-GMO reducing those poisons by a considerable amount. Yet we are unable to be 100% strict about what goes into our body and maintain our sanity and a healthy view of what food is. That is why I believe good supplements, like prebiotics, probiotics, vitamins, and minerals are so important. Some help us rid our body of toxins. Some help keep our body able to heal itself. Some help us thrive. 

This is where Plexus joins us on the farm. We have awesome, nutrition packed food. However, we’d have to eat way too much of our awesome food and have a super strict diet regimen (that our kids would not follow) to still get all the essential vitamins, nutrients, etc. that we need. With all my research, I’ve seen Plexus as one of the top rated items for such needs and so I’ve become an ambassador.

In joining Plexus and committing to the 60 day money back guarantee period, I hope to see improvement in the following areas:

  • Dental Health (through decreased inflammation)
  • Improved Energy
  • Less eczema and dandruff issues
  • Improved mood and ability to manage five males, homeschool and a farm
  • Gut health to help reduce baby weight

Would you like to try this with me?

Here’s some more information to let you know a little more about the products I’m promoting. Plexus gives a 60 day money back guarantee, so I’m excited to give this stuff a try. Probiotics have made a big difference in my health since my second born, now seven, was born and I’ve known for awhile that Plexus is one of the top rated probiotics out there. With Plexus, there are 2 probiotics:

  • One is called probio 5 and it contains digestive enzymes and an antifungal as well. It really kills the bad bacteria and gives you a bit of the good bacteria back.
  • The other probiotic is called vital biome and it is only the good bacteria. It is clinically proven to help with stress and anxiety. 
However, Plexus also has a small product line of other plant based supplements as well. Click here for a catalog link. I would highly recommend reading page 8 and 9 about how to Weed, Seed, Feed and Protect our guts with these products. There’s a lot of good information on gut health with these products.
For myself, I’m most excited to try the Probiotic, ProBio5 (page 13) and XFactor (page 30) a multi-vitamin and antioxidant supplement. XFactor has aloe included which has shown to majorly help absorbtion. I plan to start with Tri-Plex which includes ProBio5, but also includes Slim, a prebiotic to replenish and help balance blood sugars, and Bio Cleanse, to detox and cleanse.

I can send you more information on those and our other products if you need. Since I know I’ll be  buying probiotics, I’m opting for the ambassador rate. As an ambassador, you pay a 34.95 annual fee and either:

  • Just buy cheaper or
  • Ask others to try the product along with you

To get benefits as an ambassador, you need to buy or sell $100 worth of products in a month. If you don’t have $100 worth, you can do every other month or so. So it’s good to get a few people to try the product along with you. You get paid 15% off of anything bought or sold over $100, even your products, and 25% off anything over $500.

If you’d like more information or to order the product: Click here!

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