Dilly’s Labrador Puppies

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This page is run by a nine year old puppy fanatic that loves his dogs and has asked that mom and dad (the owners of Righteous Oaks Farm) would help him to learn the basics of dog and puppy breeding, training, care and also sales. Silas is the owner and main man in this operation and has lots of help from mom and dad to ensure that he does a good job. Since he is too young to have an email and Facebook account, he is currently using his parents’ to get the word out to possible homes for his little joys.

Puppies were born on September 11, 2019! They will be ready to go to new homes on November 6th, 2019. We have five girls and four boys and will post pics soon.

Mama “Dilly” is a beautiful English cream yellow lab. Dilly sticks close to home and is on-site at all times. She is eager to please, loyal and follows us everywhere. She loves being part of our daily farm life. During the Spring she has been known to rescue escaped chicks and bring them to her master. She has a very gentle mouth and most of the chicks survive as long as they have not been away from the heat lamp too long. She is also highly intelligent and easily trained.



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Daddy Oscar is a Fox Red Labrador Retriever which is a rare variety of yellow lab. Both parents are AKC Sporting/American labs. Oscar is on-site when Grandpa visits. He loves farm life but is mainly a suburban boy. He is very strong and a real beauty. He loves attention and snuggles. His favorite activities include running (he’s super fast), swimming and retrieving.

Vet exam
26 Month Health Guarantee
Dew claws removed
Puppy pack that includes a gallon bag of puppy feed
Current on deworming schedule
Introduction to crate training, outdoors, and pee pads
They will be socialized (including young children) and introduced to chickens


Silas asks that a $150 non-refundable deposit be given to hold a puppy. He is asking $600 for each pup, so he asks $450 upon picking up your pup.

Here are pictures of each pup as of four weeks old. They are starting to play and bumble around. We have started taking them outside frequently throughout the day. They are really quick learners and rarely miss the pee pads during the day and often go poo outside now. We love playing with them and their new puppy toys too. None of the puppies have shown food aggression as they are on puppy food as well as mama’s milk now.


Female 1. Lovable and sweet. She has plenty of extra skin to cuddle and enjoy, though her brother is larger by a bit. She cuddles easily and has done well on the pee pads and outside. She also loves to meet us at the door as we come into the laundry room where she currently resides.  — She already has a new family in the waiting.



Female 2. What a sweetie. She is most often found sleeping on her back and cuddles easily. She was first to open her eyes and adapts easily to situations she’s been placed in. She likes to play and enjoys her time with us, but also loves her sleeping time. She is showing obedience, docile nature, submissiveness unless super tired, very people friendly, and rarely whines. – Has a new family waiting.



Female 3. She is sweet and has beautiful big puppy eyes. She does well on puppy food. She is very alert to her surroundings. She is also doing well outside. She’s more independent than her siblings but still submissive and obedient and very people friendly. – has a new family waiting.



Male pup. He’s very smart and comes first to greet us. He’s consistent when going on the pee pads and now loves the outdoors. He prefers doing his business outdoors actually. He also loves to play and cuddle. He often “talks” in his sleep.   — He already has a new family in the waiting.



Righteous Oaks Oscar ( YLW )
Hips/Good Elbows/Normal. 
Brick Red Maple (YLW)
Elbows: LR-EL70475M27 (Normal)
HRCH Torg’s Hunting Memories MH (YLW)
Hips: LR-200581G24M-VPI
Elbows: LR-EL56741M24-VPI
Torg’s Red Hot Firecracker (YLW)
Cayenne Red Maple (YLW) 
Fancy Copper Wingnut (YLW) 
Hips: LR-191301E26M-NOPI (Excellent)
Elbows: LR-EL49930M26-NOPI (Normal)
Red Maple Ruby (YLW) 
Righteous Oaks Dilly (Master Creek Tesla) ( YLW )
Hips/Good Elbows/Normal.
Bella Leah Brasel  (AKC)
OFA Hips/Good Elbows/Normal.
Full genetic panel through Paw Print Genetics and clear from:
CNM, DM, EIC, HNPK, PRA, Dilute Free.
CH Lobuff Bobwhite, CH Goldberrys Holly, 
CH Goldberrys Cold Drake
Vorderosa Birch (AKC)
testing cleared, but unregisterd tests

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